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GedSite Version 1.4.18 Released

Version 1.4.18 has several great new features including three new chart types:

The charts share several characteristics, including the ability to highlight entries via the Accent facility. The charts also include useful features like two-way links between chart entries and person entries. That means a visitor can click a name in the chart to see the person entry, then, from the person entry, click the name of the chart to navigate back to the chart.

The two-way chart links are implemented via the new Person References Person Entry item.

See the Change Log for a description of other minor changes.

New Features

Box Descendant Chart

The Box Descendant Chart shows the descendants of a subject that you identify in the chart properties.

screenshot of box descendant chart showing some descendants of George Bezanson and their partners
Portion of Descendant Chart for George Bezanson

For more information, read the Box Descendant Chart help page.

Box Pedigree Chart

The Box Pedigree Chart shows the pedigree of a subject that you identify in the chart properties.

screenshot of box pedigree chart showing some ancestors of Alta Wood
Four-Generation Pedigree of Alta F. Wood

For more information, read the Box Pedigree Chart help page.

Box Relationship Chart

The Box Relationship Chart shows the relationship between two people that you identify in the chart properties.

>screenshot of relationship chart with two columns, spouses included
Relationship between Jonathan G. Bezanson and Alta F. Wood

For more information, read the Relationship Chart help page.

Person References

A Person References item is included in new GedSite files. For GedSite files created prior to v1.4.18, you must add a Person References item to the Person Entry.

Person References create links in the Person Entry. They allow you to add "back links" to other pages where a person appears. As of version 1.4.18, options to create Person References are available with:

The following screenshot shows the output from two Person References items. The first Person References item has the title "Charts" and includes Chart-type references only. The second Person References item has the title "Lists" and includes List-type references only.

screenshot of person references output
Example Person References Output

For more information, read the Person References help page.

How to Download

Existing customers may download the current version from the Downloads page.

To use the current version, you need a license for GedSite 4.

How to Buy

For purchasing information, see the Purchases page.

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