The Person Link User Item creates a link to the person entry of a person that is a member of the site. The link may be added to the current page, to one of the site menus, or both.



The Title property defines the text of the link. It also identifies the User Item in the User Items list.


See Enabled in the Common Properties section of the User Items help page.


Use the Picklist button to open the Picklist, a dialog window where you can select a person by name. If you use the Picklist button, GedSite will set the Title to the selected person's name and the ID to the selected person's ID number.


Specify the ID number of the person whose person entry is the destination of the link.


The Description text will appear next to the link when the link appears in lists on a Page Item.

The Menu property determines whether or not the link is added to one or more of the site's menus. The Menu property defaults to "none". Change it to one of the other choices to make the item appear in a menu.

The Menu property is ignored when the link is not at the top-level (left-most) of User Items.

Page Section

See Page Section in the Common Properties section of the User Items help page.

Add Reference

If Add Reference is checked, GedSite will add a link-type reference to the linked person. The reference will will create a link to the page where this link appears.

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