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Indented Pedigree Charts are User Items that create pedigree charts where parents are indented under the entry for their child. The charts include plus and minus symbols that allow expanding or collapsing sections of the tree.

For people in the chart who have a person entry, the chart entry links to the person entry and vice-versa.

An Indented Pedigree Chart is a Content Item and does not create a page of its own. You must add it to a Page User Item or you will not see its content.

Edit Indented Pedigree Chart Item

The Edit Indented Pedigree Chart window controls the properties of an Indented Pedigree Chart.


The Title property identifies the User Item in the User Items list.


See Enabled in the Common Properties section of the User Items help page.


Specify the ID number of the subject of the chart in the Subject textbox.


You may use the Picklist button to select the subject.


Use the Generations textbox to specify how many generations the chart should contain. The default is 999 generations, which should be enough to include all generations except in unusual usage scenarios.

If Add On-Chart Links is checked, GedSite will add small links in the chart to help move from a parent to a child, or vice-versa, when they are far apart vertically in the chart. The default is checked.

Use Chart Colors

If Use Chart Colors is checked, entries will be colored according to the color choices in the Theme > Charts section. For indented charts, the default is unchecked so the colors are not used, but you may enable them if you prefer.


The Class textbox allows you to specify the name of a CSS class that will be added to the chart's container. To alter the appearance of every chart that shares the class name, define the class using a User Style.

Add References

If Add References is checked, GedSite will add a chart-type reference to each person who is included in the chart.

Dynamic Features

Indented charts include some dynamic features that are implemented via browser scripting.

Open Collapsed

The chart may be configured to open fully collapsed or fully expanded based on the setting of the Open Collapsed checkbox.

Collapse and Expand Buttons

The chart includes a Collapse button to close all the expanded sections and an Expand button to open all collapsed sections. For large charts with thousands of members, the browser may take a long time to respond to clicks on the Collapse and Expand buttons. If you encounter delays with very large charts, consider splitting the content across multiple charts.

Person Filter Tab

Use the Person Filter tab to reduce the set of people included in the chart.

People must pass the basic requirements to be included in a chart before the Person Filter is applied. So, for example, in a pedigree chart limited to five generations, a person must be an ancestor of the progenitor within five generations. In addition, the People section filters are applied before the Person Filter and so living or excluded people may or may not be eligible to be in the chart.

If those requirements are met, GedSite applies the Person Filter. The Person Filter may decrease the number of people in a chart, but it cannot increase the number of people because of the processing described in the paragraph above.

For example, using a Person Filter with a DNA Descendant Of criteria term may be used to limit a pedigree chart to the subset that inherits a particular type of DNA from the progenitor identified in the criteria term.

See the Filters page for more information about filters.

Accents Tab

Use the Accents tab to add Accents to highlight selected members of the chart.