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Pages that have a similar purpose are grouped into PageSets and configured together. Pages are configured differently because the content varies based on the page type. For example, person pages are very different from index pages.

The PageSets section is divided into subsections, including a Default subsection and one subsection for each PageSet. Values set in the Default subsection apply to all pages except if the user alters the same property in the PageSet-specific subsection.

For each PageSet, the user can customize the Layout, the Static Content properties, and the Page Scripts.

Page Script Properties

Pages are divided into sections, and the content and format of each section is determined by a Page Script. GedSite includes a library of Page Scripts, and users can choose a script for each page segment based on their preferences.

See the Page Scripts page for more information.

Include Prev/Next Links

The Include Prev/Next Links checkbox is included on the Name Index, Person Page, and Source Page sections. When checked, those pages will include links to the previous page and the next page in the series.

List of PageSets

Each type of page created by GedSite is assigned to a PageSet as described in the following list.

Name Class Description
Main Page gs-pageset-mainpage Used for the main page of the site.
Name Index gs-pageset-name-index Used for the name index pages, including custom name indexes.
Person Pages gs-pageset-personpage Used for person pages.
Source Pages gs-pageset-sourcepage Used for source pages.
Image Pages gs-pageset-imagepage Used for image exhibit pages.
User Pages gs-pageset-userpage Used for a variety of pages where the user provides most if not all of the content, including Custom Pages, exhibit text pages, and HTML pages that are in the Input folder.
Custom 1 gs-pageset-custom1 The Custom 1 and Custom 2 PageSets are not the default PageSets for any pages. They are available as PageSet choices in the Edit Custom Page window and may be used for Custom Pages where you want specific settings without affecting other pages.
Custom 2 gs-pageset-custom2

Body Element Classes

For users who add User Styles to alter CSS parameters in GedSite, you can use PageSet-specific Body element classes to restrict CSS rules to a particular PageSet. GedSite adds the classes expressly for this purpose.

For example, you can change the color of H2 elements in the Main Page content with a User Style, as follows.

.gs-pageset-mainpage .gs-content h2
color: #0000ff;

".gs-pageset-mainpage" in the selector limits the rule to pages in the Main Page PageSet, of which there is only one. ".gs-content" limits the rule to the main content section of the page. "h2" limits the rule to HTML H2 elements only.

One way to understand the selector is to read it backwards: H2 elements inside the content section of the main page.