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GedSite Version 2.00

This is a major new release with new features and enhancements. Some new features are described in this newsletter. See the Change Log for details.

This is the first paid upgrade since GedSite 1 was released 13 months ago. There have been 28 free upgrades since then, and 15 of those included significant new features.

All existing GedSite 1 customers should upgrade to GedSite 2. By staying current, you'll have access to the lastest features and fixes. Support the further development of GedSite by purchasing the upgrade!

Map User Item

Location information is critical to genealogists. We usually need to know—or guess—where something happened in order to find source information. Analyzing the movement of ancestors can help us understand their lives, and when attempting to resolve the identity of a person with an ambiguous name, it often helps to know who lived nearby.

To help illustrate the places that are present in genealogy data, GedSite now includes a Map User Item for adding maps to your web site. The map feature uses Google Maps or Bing Maps to provide the underlying maps, and you supply the location of events of interest: ancestral homes, cemeteries, battle sites, etc. GedSite ties it all together to integrate the map with your site.

You add content to the map two different ways:

  1. You can use GedSite's built-in Map Editor to add markers and other shapes to the map. Use the Map Editor > Edit Map... command in the Edit Map Item window to open the Map Editor.
  2. You can add markers to the map based on your genealogy data; each Map User Item may specify filters for events you want to include on the map. Your genealogy program must provide a place to enter the latitude and longitude of the place associated with an event, and the program must include the latitude and longitude in the GEDCOM export file.

Every map may include content created either or both ways.

Screenshot of Example Map

Second Site creates maps that are very similar to GedSite's maps. You can see an example map on the Second Site demonstration site.


GedSite now includes full support for rootstrust sentence templates. I worked with K. Brooke Nelson of Atavus, Inc., the author of rootstrust, to design the template export feature in rootstrust, and then I implemented the necessary logic in GedSite. Add rootstrust to the list of genealogy programs with full narrative support in GedSite!

Coming Soon: TMG "Direct Import"

Version 2.01 of GedSite, scheduled for release in January 2018, will include an option to read TMG project data directly from the TMG database and without exporting via GEDCOM. This will avoid multiple issues with TMG's GEDCOM export.

For example, reading the TMG project directly will allow GedSite to use TMG's sentence templates; TMG does not include sentence templates in its GEDCOM export.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: I just bought GedSite 1. Do I have to pay for the upgrade?
A: See the Recent Purchases section of this newsletter.
Q: Will GedSite 2 read a GedSite file (".gsfile") written by GedSite 1?
A: Yes, GedSite 2 will read a ".gsfile" file written by GedSite 1. Properties and settings that have been changed in GedSite 2 are converted automatically.

The opposite is not true: do not open a GedSite 2 ".gsfile" file using a prior version of GedSite.

Q: Will my custom Theme, Format, etc., still work in GedSite 2?
A: Yes.

Recent Purchases

Customers who purchased GedSite 1 on or after October 15, 2017 are eligible for a free license for GedSite 2, and we have already sent licenses to the email address associated with that purchase.

Customers who qualify for the free license should not purchase a new license: customers who qualify for a free license but make a purchase anyway will be charged a handling fee equal to the upgrade fee.

If you purchased prior to October 15, 2017, even by only a day or two, you do not qualify for the free upgrade. I know it can be frustrating to miss a cutoff date by a small margin, but there are always customers who are just outside the cutoff date no matter when that date is. GedSite is updated frequently, and most of the updates are free. I am confident that the longer you have GedSite, the more you will think it's a good value.

Upgrading to GedSite 2

Upgrading is easy! Install the new version and then open your current GedSite ".gsfile" file with GedSite 2.

After you install GedSite 2 and it is working properly, you should uninstall GedSite 1.

How to Download

Existing customers may download the current version from the Downloads page.

To use the current version, you need a license for GedSite 4.

How to Buy

For purchasing information, see the Purchases page.

Prices and policies mentioned on this page were current when the page was published. Prices and policies are subject to change. See the GedSite home page for current version and price information.

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