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Each Theme subsection includes several properties whose values are referenced by one or more Style properties. The property values in Theme subsections are set when you choose a Theme. You may modify the properties if desired.

The Theme.Credit section includes a text property that identifies the Theme designer.

Many of the Themes supplied with GedSite are based on web site designs made available via open source licensing agreements or other agreements I made with the designers. In all cases, credit must be given to the original designer or design firm on every page that uses the design, is based on the design, or uses graphics from the design.

GedSite provides a mechanism to display the proper attribution via the Theme.Credit section. When you choose a Theme, that property is automatically set to the correct text.

Do not change the Theme Credit unless you:

  • (A) completely remove or replace all the graphic files supplied with the original Theme, and
  • (B) change the look of the site via the stylesheet properties such that the original design is no longer present.

If there is any doubt, leave the credit in place. You may amend the Theme Credit text to say that your site design was "based on" a design by the original designer. In fact, many of the existing Theme Credit values use that language because I made changes to the design to make it work with the GedSite framework.

If you change the Theme Credit text and remove the attribution of the graphic designer, you may be in violation of the GedSite license agreement and your license may be revoked.

If the Theme Credit textbox is empty immediately after you have chosen the Theme, then there is no credit requirement. This is the case with the Plain Theme.