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The Panel Options Tab appears in all Panel-type Tag Sets. The properties on this tab affect the layout and appearance of the panel.



The Alignment pull-down menu controls whether the panel floats left or right, is centered, or is inline with the Body content. The exact placement of floating panels depends on the main Format for the site. For narrative Formats, the body text will flow around floating panels, as shown by panel two in the example on the Tag Sets help page. For grid-like Formats, floating panels will float next to each other only.


The Clear pull-down menu controls how the location of the panel is affected by floating elements. See the description of the Clear property on the User Items help page.


The Class textbox allows you to specify the name of a CSS class that will be added to the panel's container. Add a user class to customize the appearance of a particular Tag Set panel. Define the class using a User Style.