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A Body Tag Set contributes tags to the main body of the tag list in a person entry. Tags that are part of the body are formatted according to the Format chosen for the site. For example, if your site uses the Narration Format, any tags that are part of a Body Tag Set will be part of the main narrative. Similarly, if your site uses the Two Columns Format, each tag in a Body Tag Set will appear as a row in the main two-column tag grid.

See the Tag Sets help page for more information about Tag Sets.


The Body Tab includes several properties that are used with multiple Tag Sets. Please see the Common Properties section of the Tag Sets help page for a description of the Title, Show Title, Enabled, Tag Sort, Selection Priority, and Remove Leading Whitespace properties.

New Paragraph

When New Paragraph is checked, and when the main Format for the site is a narrative-type Format, GedSite will insert HTML to start a new paragraph before the first tag in the Tag Set.