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The Name Icons Section is a list of Name Icon items. Each Name Icon controls the addition of a user-selected icon to a person's name in one or more locations in the site. You may add icons to identify something important about the person, such as military service, family associations, etc.

The icon may be added to some or all of the following name contexts:

In each case, the icon may appear before or after the person's name.

Add one or more Name Icon entries to the list in the Name Icons section using the [+] button beneath the list.

Here is an example showing a Name Icon added before a name in the name index.

screenshot of name index entries where on name has a green tree icon

Name Icon Properties


The Title property identifies the User Item in the User Items list. The Title has no other purpose for Name Icon items.


The Enabled checkbox controls whether or not the Name Icon is processed when GedSite is making the site. If Enabled is unchecked, the Name Icon is ignored.


Click the Image button to select the image file you want to use as an icon. GedSite will open a standard Windows "open file" dialog window. Use the navigation controls in that dialog window to move to the folder that contains the image you want to use. Select the image file, then click the [Open] button. GedSite will load the image file and display the image.

You may use graphic files with the extension PNG, JPG/JPEG, or GIF. Choose images that are small. 16px by 16px is usually best.

The image file is copied to the ui (user images) subfolder of the Input (-i) folder when you select the image file. If you subsequently change the original image file, the change will not be reflected in the site contents. You must edit the Name Icon item and re-select the original file to update the copy used by the site. Optionally, you may manually update the copy of the file that is stored under the ui subfolder of the Input (-i) folder.

GedSite includes two dozen icons you are free to use in your site. The [Image] will open to the folder that contains those icons, but you are not limited to those choices. If you do not want to use one of hte icons included with GedSite, use the navigation controls in that dialog window to move to the folder that contains the image you want to use.

Person Filter

Add Filter terms to the Person Filter list to select the people whose names should include the current icon.

Name Contexts

You may select zero, one, or more name contexts using the following checkbox properties:

  • Subject Name – The subject's name at the top of a person entry
  • Parent Name – A parent's name in the Parent Section
  • Child Name – A child's name in a Family Section
  • Index Name – A person's name in the name index

If you leave all the checkboxes unchecked, the icon will not be added to any names. However, if you supply a description, the icon will appear in the Name Icons Table if you add one to the site. You may use this technique to explain icons that are not added to names, but appear elsewhere in the site.


The Position pull-down menu controls whether the icon appears before or after the person's name. The default is before the name.


Use the Description to describe the meaning of the icon. If you use the Name Icons Table User Item, the Description will appear in the table that describes the name icons.


Use the Tooltip to enter a brief explanation of the icon.


Enter a URL if you want the icon to be a link to the URL you specify.