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The Main Section includes properties that most users will change when creating a new GedSite file. Some of the properties in the Main Section also appear in other sections with related properties.


Site Title

Use the Site Title property to define the title for the site. The Site Title is usually displayed in the page header of all pages.


Use the SubTitle property to define the subtitle for the site.

Use the SubTitle as necessary to expand on, or explain, the Site Title. This is a common technique used with books. For example, in The Houghton Genealogy: The Descendants of Ralph and John Houghton of Lancaster, Massachusetts, the title is The Houghton Genealogy and the subtitle is the rest.

Include SubTitle On All Pages

The site SubTitle is usually displayed on the main page of the site and is optional for all other pages. The Include SubTitle On All Pages checkbox controls whether the SubTitle appears on all pages, or just the main page. The default is unchecked.


Enter your name in the Name textbox. When you create a new GedSite file, GedSite sets the name value to the name of the registered user.

EMail Address

The EMail Address property is used to specify your e-mail address. You must enter a value in the Name textbox to enable the EMail Address property. When you create a new GedSite file, GedSite sets the name value to the name of the registered user.

GedSite will use the e-mail address as a MAILTO: link applied to the name. The e-mail address will be hidden from e-mail address harvesters using a script. Visitors must have their e-mail client configured to open when they click the MAILTO: link.

Some visitors who use web-based e-mail clients do not configure their e-mail clients properly, and if so, clicking the link will not open an e-mail client.

Note If you do not include your e-mail address, people who visit your site will not be able to contact you. When that happens, they often contact me. I will not share your e-mail address with them unless I get approval from you, and I usually do not have time to be the middle-man, so it's far better to provide your e-mail address.

Choose Data File...

Use the Choose Data File... button to select the GEDCOM file or TMG project to process.

When you click the button, GedSite will open a standard Windows "open file" dialog window. Navigate to the folder that contains the GEDCOM file or TMG project you want to process, select it, and click the [Open] button. GedSite will load the selected file.

If you save the GedSite file after you choose a data file, the path to the data file is stored in the GedSite file and it will be loaded automatically the next time you open the GedSite file.