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Haza-Data and Haza-21

According to users who sent me GEDCOM test files, Haza-Data is a Dutch genealogy program used in Belgium and The Netherlands. I believe Haza-Data is a DOS program. Haza-21 is a Windows program from the same publisher. I do not know if the files I received were from Haza-Data or Haza-21. The GEDCOM SOUR record was

1 SOUR Haza-Data

The Haza-Data GEDCOM files sent to me had several serious errors, for example, the HEAD record did not have all the required elements. Despite the problems, GedSite was able to load the data.

Witnesses and Roles

It does not appear that Haza-Data supports witnesses or roles. GedSite assigns the role "Principal" to the person who owns an individual event, or to the husband and wife attached to a marriage or other family event.


It does not appear that Haza-Data includes sentences in its GEDCOM export.