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GedSite Version 1.5.22 Released

This version adds the Common Ancestor Chart. This chart provides a flexible way to show the relationships between multiple people and is very useful when describing involved relationships.

The following screenshot shows a Common Ancestor chart. The common ancestor is Ralph Smith, and the chart includes several, but not all, of his great-grandchildren.

screenshot of common ancestor chart showing some descendants of Ralph Smith
Example Common Ancestor Chart

The following screenshot shows a variation of the chart above where spouses are included. It shows that Sir James B. Smith had three wives, and two of them were his first cousins, once removed.

screenshot of common ancestor chart showing some descendants of Ralph Smith and their partners
Example Common Ancestor Chart with Spouses

See the Common Ancestor Chart help page for more information.

See the Change Log for a description of other changes in version 1.5.22.

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