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GedSite Version 1.3.10 Released

This is a free upgrade that includes a new chart type, several new Themes, and other enhancements.

I recommend that all users upgrade to this version. See the Change Log for other enhancements and changes.

During the development cycle for this release, I discovered that the CSS class name gs-sidebar was used for the menu in the sidebar. That class should not have been used for the menu, only for the section of the page that contains the side menu. I have changed the CSS created by GedSite, and updated the HTML to match, and several references to the wrong name will be corrected when GedSite opens a GedSite file created by a version prior to v1.3.10.

If you added a User Style selector that referred to .gs-sidebar, and the selector was intended to match the side menu, you must update the User Style. Change .gs-sidebar to .gs-sidemenu.

Similarly, if you have created any Menu scripts, you will have to edit your script(s) and change references to MenuLocation.SideBar to MenuLocation.SideMenu.

If you have any questions about this change, please contact me.

How to Download

Existing customers may download the current version from the Downloads page.

To use the current version, you need a license for GedSite 4.

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